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Our relationship with you doesn’t end with a signed contract.

You’ll work with sales team, Matt and Graham. Their backgrounds pair well to source quality hops both domestically and abroad. Matt’s background is economics and Graham’s is crop and soil science. Both have spent their careers working with farmers in the Pacific NW.

Contact either Matt or Graham for any information on contracting, spot sales, or questions about the hop market. You can also ask them about hop selection mid-September through early October.

Hollingbery hop sampling table

Make plans to visit Yakima and experience hop harvest!

Hollingbery hop warehouse storage
Hollingbery hop sampling table

Contracting Timeline

Set up Contracts

November calendar icon July calendar icon
  • Contact Matt or Graham about contracting hops for the following year.
  • If you are currently a customer, send requests by crop year, variety, and volume, and we will send you a quote.
  • For the upcoming brew year, you should try to secure 90-100% of your expected needs.
  • For contracts 2+ years out, consider contracting 50-75% of your expected needs.
  • If you foresee issues with your contracts, the sooner you contact us the better.


*Unpaid installments accrue interest on 1% of balance per month, and orders must be pre-paid
Oct 1 - 1st installment invoiced Due Nov 1
Feb 1 - 2nd installment invoiced Due Mar 1
Jul 1 - 3rd installment invoiced Due Aug 1

Hops Available

January calendar icon April calendar icon
  • Jan 1 - majority of domestic varieties are available to order.
  • Jan/Apr - European hops start to arrive, with the final container arriving by April. Consider this when lining out your hop needs for contracts. (Southern Hemisphere hops typically arrive Oct/Dec.)
  • This is a good time to finalize contracts for the upcoming harvest in September.

Visit our booth at CBC!

Remaining Inventory

July calendar icon August calendar icon

Storage fees begin on Aug 1 for any inventory remaining on contract. You will have three options:

  • Pay final installment and ship all remaining hops—no storage fees and no interest.
  • Pay final contract installment, but continue to store with Hollingbery and Son at $1.00/case/month.
  • Prepay for hops shipped as needed, pay 1% interest/month on remaining balance and storage fees on remaining hops $1/case/month.

Hop Harvest!

September calendar icon October calendar icon

This is a busy time of year so new contract requests typically won’t be answered until late October, to early November. We welcome you to visit Yakima for hop harvest. Contact Matt or Graham to discuss hop selection criteria and to set up a time.

Pelleting Begins

October calendar icon February calendar icon
  • The pelleting process typically starts the first week of Oct and runs through Feb.
  • Certain varieties become available for order soon after pelleting begins.
  • Adjustments to contracts that affect selected lots or contracted leaf amounts should have been addressed before this.